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Women's Haircut
D & X HAIR PLAY - Hairdresser - Hair Prosthetics - Hair Dye - Bridal Hairstyle & Makeup - Keratin - Hair Treatments - Volos Magnesia


At D & X HAIR PLAY, we understand that hair is an important part of every woman's femininity and beauty. With a tradition that dates back to 2004, we are dedicated to developing and upgrading our skills, providing high quality hairdressing services.

Our constant pursuit of knowledge and talent leads us to participate in seminars both in Greece and internationally, so that we are always up to date on the latest trends in the field of hairdressing. At D & X HAIR PLAY, we understand how important it is to adapt new techniques and trendy looks to each client's individual style.

Our goal is to bring out the feminine and beautiful side of every woman through her hair. We love our work and we love every woman who trusts us with her hair. At D & X HAIR PLAY, we offer high art services in a space that radiates comfort and brightness. Here, every woman finds the specialized care that highlights her beauty and reflects her personal style. Choose D & X HAIR PLAY for a hairdressing experience that will boost your confidence and bring out your inner beauty.