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Hair Treatments
D & X HAIR PLAY - Hairdresser - Hair Prosthetic - Hair Dye - Bridal Hairstyle & Makeup
- Women's Haircut - Keratin - Volos Magnesia


At D & X HAIR PLAY, we dedicate our experience and passion for hairdressing to the health and beauty of your hair. As we recognize the importance of a healthy and shiny head of hair, we offer specialist treatments aimed at improving the quality and texture of your hair.

Our experts at D & X HAIR PLAY understand that hair is subjected to various stresses every day, such as heat treatment, sun exposure, and the use of chemical products. That's why we offer a variety of treatments that adapt to the needs and wishes of each client.

Our hair treatments include moisturizing, reconstructive and antiaging formulas, designed to restore hair health, strengthen hair structure and provide shine and softness. We use high quality products and advanced application techniques to ensure visible results.

At D & X HAIR PLAY, the well-being of your hair is always at the center of our attention. By choosing one of our specialized treatments, you leave your hair in experienced hands, offering it the necessary care and renewal it deserves.